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Harold H. Burdsall, Jr. Ph.D.

Mycologist / Forest Pathologist


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* Complete curriculum vitae (CV) available on request. *


  1. Ph.D. degree (mycology, plant pathology), Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1967)
  2. B.A. degree (botany), Miami University, Oxford, OH (1962)
  Experience:  Project Leader and staff member, Center for Forest Mycology Research
       Forest Products Laboratory, Forest Service, USDA, Madison, Wisconsin
  1. Served 34+ years as researcher on biology and taxonomy of wood-inhabiting fungi
  2. Authored 100+ research publications, 50+ abstracts of oral presentations to scientific meetings
  3. Studied wood-inhabiting fungi from all parts of the world
  4. Surveyed mold fungi on wood chips imported from Chile (more than 2,100 isolates)
  5. Described nearly 50 new species, several new genera of wood-inhabiting fungi
  6. Member, USDA - Forest Service - Pest Risk Assessment Team - evaluated the risk of importing exotic fungi on raw wood and chips and solid wood packing materials
  7. Participated on international mycological research teams in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay
  8. Presented research papers at international mycological conferences in Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden and Venezuela
  9. Co-authored A Field Guide to Mushrooms and Their Relatives (1982, with Booth Courtenay)  ISBN 0-442-23118-0 and 0-442-23117-2
  10. Contributed to Macrofungi Associated with Oaks of Eastern North America (2008, with others)  ISBN 978-1-933202-36-5
  Academic appointments:
  1. Senior Research Associate, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  2. Adjunct Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Department of Plant Pathology
  1. Taught Advanced Mycology and lectured in Botany and Forestry regarding wood-inhabiting fungi
  2. Guided numerous students in graduate and undergraduate mycological research
  Professional societies:
  1. Mycological Society of America
           (past President, Vice-President, Secretary, numerous committees)
  2. Latin American Mycological Association
  3. International Association of Wood Scientists
  4. Western International Forest Disease Work Conference
  1. USDA, Forest Service - Chief’s Superior Science Award - 1996
           (for exceptional mycological research)
  2. USDA - Silver Plow Honor Award - 1999
           (for excellence in mycological research)
  3. Fellow of the International Association for Wood Science - 1998
  4. Numerous performance awards from the Forest Products Laboratory
  Representative Consultations:
  1. Identification and evaluation of molds, mildews and decay in wood buildings and other structures
  2. Identification of the potential fungal causal agent of a wind-thrown tree
  3. Identification of mold and other fungi infesting tunnels being evaluated for human habitation and the potential negative impacts of these fungi on any human inhabitants
  4. Lectures about molds and decay fungi in wood buildings and other structures
  5. Consulting with government of New Zealand on their Fungi of New Zealand project
  6. Identification of molds and decay fungi for potential bioremediation of toxic compounds
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