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Mycologist / Forest Pathologist


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Mildew on house    
  Evaluate and advise re: disfigurement or damage on wood in service such as buildings, decks and fences 
     Decay - structural damage
       Mildew & Algae - surface disfigurement

Extensive mildew on log home
caused by Aureobasidium




Decay on deck

Decay in deck post

Decay on deck boards

Brown-rot decay on deck boards

Gloeophyllum trabeum rotting
log deck railing

White-rot decay fungus on underside of deck boards


Decay in porch rail Mildew on handrail Algae/mildew mixture on deck rail
Gloeophyllum trabeum rotting painted porch railing Mildewed handrail Mildew mixed with algae
on deck rail


Snail tracks in mildew Mildew on vinyl siding Decay in door frame
Aureobasidium with trails where the fungus has been eaten
by snails (snail tracks)
Aureobasidium on vinyl siding Early decay of door frame by
fungi due to water intrusion
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